Private Coaching

Private coaching is the most traditional way of receiving golf instruction. At the Fisher Bryan Golf Academy that includes state of the art video and launch monitor technology as well as the latest methods of online interaction between student and coach. With our online student communication capabilities you can take your coach with you wherever you go!

In our private coaching sessions our goal is to help you reach your goal! So the sessions are very student-centric! After assessing your game we will guide you in the right direction as to what parts of your game will give you the quickest path to improvement and what goals you could reach with a long term improvement plan.

With experience teaching every level of golfer from beginning recreational player to Professional Tour player the coaches at FBGA have YOUR GAME SOLVED!

Contact Jeff or Stacie for scheduling information.

Jeff Fisher
$125 per hour $575 Five Pack $1100 Ten Pack
Stacie Bryan
$90 per hour $425 Five Pack $800 Ten Pack
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